What farmers want you to know
Farmers face many unknowns – and so they want assurance that a nutrient management tool is worth their investment. Hear them explain why independent review of these tools is so important to them.
Meet the farmers who use tools like yours

Earning the confidence of farmers like these through independent review can help your nutrient management tool distinguish itself in an increasingly competitive market

Farmer bios
  • Todd Hesterman

    This fourth-generation farmer heads up a corn, soybean and wheat operation, Hesterman Farms, in northwest Ohio. As of January 2017, he serves as president of the Ohio Soybean Association and is on the board of supervisors at his local soil and water office.

  • Scott Mavis

    This fourth-generation farmer co-owns Mavis Farms with his father in northwest Ohio. The operation specializes in corn and soybeans.

  • Tyson Franks

    This third-generation farmer is part of Moody and Crew Farms in Fremont, Indiana. This operation produces corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa.

  • Joe Nester, CCA

    As owner and consultant with Nester Ag, he’s been involved in agricultural management for 35 years. Nester Ag, which works with farmers in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, is the first independent crop consultancy to achieve 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification. He is past board chairman of the Ohio Certified Crop Advisers and currently sits on the 4R Nutrient Stewardship advisory committee. 

  • Jake Isley

    This sixth-generation farmer oversees production of field corn and soybeans on Sunrise Farms Inc., in Palmyra, Michigan. He serves on his county soil conservation board.

  • Les Seiler

    He operates Seiler Farms Inc. in northwest Ohio, producing corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa, as well as cover crops.

  • Greg Kneubuhler, CCA

    He owns and operates G&K Concepts, an independent crop consultancy working with farmers in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, and helps oversee Kneubuhler Farms. He now also owns S2, a consultancy helping to manage and oversee the efforts of NutrientStar in conjunction with Environmental Defense Fund.

  • Rob Ternet

    He owns Ternet Farms Partnership in northeast Indiana, where he produces corn, soybeans and wheat.

How NutrientStar review works

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