Limus® Nitrogen Management

What is Limus®?

Limus® Nitrogen Management is intended for situations in which volatilization from surface applied urea or UAN is a concern. Limus® contains two urease inhibitors with targeted content percentages guaranteed to be at least 16.88% for NBPT (the current market standard), and 5.63% for NPPT, a newer inhibitor produced by BASF.

Where has Limus® been tested?

The maps below show trial locations for corn and wheat. The trial locations have been superimposed over the Technology Extrapolation Domains (TED) Framework. The TED Framework is described further on the Limus® and TED Framework page.

How has Limus® Performed?

In all three crops (corn, wheat and rice) Limus® increased Nutrient Use Efficiency as time progressed from the date of treatment, due to the absence of incorporating rainfall (greater than ½”) in the first 10 days.

More Information:

To see if Limus® trial locations are relevant to your operation, visit the Limus® and TED Framework page.

To view the complete research report, including references, please visit the Limus® Research Findings page.