Agronomy Amplified

About this blog

This blog series will describe on-farm field trials: what they bring to agriculture and why we should embrace them. Contributing authors have over a decade of experience conducting nearly 1,000 field trials across the Midwest through Amplify – a professional agronomy resource network. Results from these trials as well as additional agronomy research results are publicly available through NutrientStar – an on-line source of curated field trial research and data. In 2019, the Amplify team received a Conservation Innovation Grant from the USDA to implement field trials testing enhanced efficiency fertilizers. The first season of these trials is now underway in 2020. We are collaborating with Purdue University to document consultant and farmer experiences throughout the project, and we plan to share those experiences as well as results from the field trials as they become available. Continue to visit this blog site, and for more information.