NutrientStar is the new standard for nutrient management tools.

NutrientStar is built on solid science. Read the full NutrientStar set of standards and protocols to learn how the program works.

A taste of the NutrientStar process and standards

Tools under review are those marketed to help farmers implement any of the “4Rs” – right rate, timing, placement or form of nutrient – either as a single practice or as a system. NutrientStar adds a fifth R – the right data.

Tools are assessed to determine how much they increase nutrient use efficiency during field trials compared to a farmer’s normal practices.

A tool can be assessed through performance data from field trials conducted over two seasons.

Tools will be assessed by separate field trials for every geographic region; one tool can be reviewed for performance in multiple regions provided data is available.
Does your tool have potential for improving fertilizer management?

Do you have, or would you like to conduct, field trials that will produce valuable performance data? Talk to the NutrientStar team.

Read the full NutrientStar standards and protocols